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Why Us

We create one of a kind, customized websites for each customer. We will ensure the design is to your satisfaction and meets every one of your expectations.

The Beginning

Fasart Web Design Studio began in 2003, it was named DFDart.
Majority of our work has been with gaming web sites, creating beautiful and unique web designs. But we are not limited to just this.We can make any design that you can imagine, that is why people choose us.


Fantasmal is our slogan, meaning we can break the "impossible barrier" and make your dreams come true. We are still the old DFDart but with our new name FASart. (Fantasmal Ability Studio Art) We are even better now, we are a very talented hard working company. We will work on the web design until you love it. We finish when we meet every last one of your wishes.

Also another good thing in our studio is that we do the web site just for you and no one else will have the same website unless you give it out. We promise it will be unique and we will not sell what we design for you to anyone else.

Also a huge bonus in our studio is our prices. Prices for web design starting at one hundred Euro, and it will be beautiful we promise. meaning even if you are not doing so well financially, if you are a regular person just like most of us, you still can afford yourself a really beautifully designed website.

Payments can be made with PayPal, Credit Card, Western Union, and WebMoney.